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Oct 6 – Oct 7, 2017

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Announcing the first Annual Waco-Nigerian Competition for Innovative Crafts.

This is to announce the commencement of the CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for the annual Waco-Nigerian competition for innovative crafts under the aegies of Cultural Arts of Waco which organizes annually the Waco Cultural Arts Fest, a celebration of the various aspects of the arts.

Waco, a city in the State of Texas, USA is also the county seat of McLennan County.

The Waco Cultural Arts Fest, whose 2016 edition held between September 30 and October 2, has placed much emphasis on arts education that is multidisciplinary in nature involving music, dance, spoken word, film and the sciences. Traditionally, the festival draws an enthusiastic following and attendance among the youth culture, the school communities and inquisitive, equally enthusiastic adults who are lovers of culture.

The overall winner of the annual Waco-Nigerian Competition for innovative crafts, to be administered and juried in Lagos, will proceed to the United States as a guest artist and international participant at the annual Waco Cultural Arts Fest. The winner will exhibit his or her works during the festival, participate in a demonstrative workshop and other events of the festival.

The emphasis of Telling Africa’s Stories:  The jury will be on the lookout for craftsmen and women with outstanding innovation on a personal scale as well as having roots in African cultures and traditions. Many African artists have risen to the height of excellence in their individual careers with voluptuous skills and mastery of techniques whilst also celebrating their roots in styles and cultural practices of their own traditional home communities.

The host society in Waco will greatly value the opportunity to learn more about Africa, African life and culture through innovative arts and crafts that tell Africa’s stories from modern and traditional perspectives.

The jury is fully cognizant of the fuzzying of edges between modern arts and crafts particularly in the contemporary African context.


Submissions towards the 2017 Waco Cultural Arts Fest are invited and entries must include:

  1. A comprehensive c.v.
  2. A photo portrait
  3. Photo images of works intended for the entry.
  4. One paragraph in the artists own words to describe his/her art submitted –  include the cultural significance of the piece, materials used, and process to complete the art/craft.

SUBMISSIONS ACCEPTED ELECTRONICALLY FROM January 3rd through February 14th 2017

  • A shortlist will be published days after the close of entry.
  • Details will be provided to shortlist entrants on venue to submit chosen works.
  • The winning entry will be announced at an open house party presenting the works on the shortlist.

Contact office: Back Page Productions Limited

13 Modupe Street, off Olu Akerele Street, Balogun bus stop, Ikeja, Lagos.


Website:  TELLING AFRICAN STORIES  (click for more details)