Call for Entries


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  • BEST OF SHOW IN CATEGAORY $100 per category

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Award Categories: 2D/3D; Drawing & Pastels; Acrylics & Oils; Photography; Watercolor; Ceramics; Glass; Metalworks; Jewelry; Wood; Sculpture; Fiber Art; Digital Art; Graphics & Printmaking

Categories maybe combined at judges discretion

Guidance for Submissions

Backgrounds: applies to all media categories

  • Steer away from distracting backgrounds.
  • If using a background, gradients and neutral colors work best.
  • People, pets, banners, etc., can take away from your work.

Lighting: applies to all media categories

  • Lighting is an important factor when photographing your work.
  • Be sure that your camera is set and white-balanced for your lighting conditions.
  • Small shifts of light can dramatically bring out the details in your work.
  • Play with different angles.
  • Avoid hot spots if at all possible.

Focus/ Clarity: applies to all media categories

  • Your images should be clear and in focus. This is especially critical with artwork that has fine detail.
  • The more textures and nuances the jurors can see, the more your craftsmanship will be appreciated and noticed.
  • Macro photography can significantly enhance jewelry images.

Perspective: especially applies to jewelry, craft, glass, 3D, fiber

  • Different angles can give off different moods and feelings for the artwork.
  • Experiment with various angles.
  • Take many photos so you have a variety to chose from.

Size: applies to all media categories

  • Use up the maximum amount of image space available in the 1920 x 1920 pixel limit.
  • Crop the image so there is not any unnecessary negative space in the image.

    Consistency: applies to all media categories

    Make sure that all of your images have a consistent feel and look.

    A consistent theme, lighting, background, subject, etc., will make your submission appear professional